Best free vector images of weather icons for World Meteorological Day

On March 23 the UN celebrates the foundation of the World Meteorological Organization. 

The study of weather influences the lives of all of us. It's become an important part of the modern life o the extent smartphones come with a weather forecast app as the default wallpaper. We rarely plan our vacations without taking weather into account. With the growth of the importance of the weather and all things related to it came to growing need of images depicting meteorological events.

Here you have a few of the best weather related images in our collection.

Weather symbols
Weather icons

A set of weather symbols illustration that includes the main symbols of snow, rain, sun, cloud, storm, wind, fog, thunder, lightning and hail. This set has 15 weather forecast icons for all weather types.

blue thermometer
Blue thermometer

A flat, simple illustration of a thermometer showing full-scale temperature with blue mercury fluid indicator isolated on a white background.

Round icons of meteorological events
Weather forecast vector icons


Another even bigger set of weather forecast vector icons set illustration all possible meteorological events from the bright sun, clear/sunny going from mostly clear/mostly sunny and partly cloudy/partly sunny to mostly cloudy.

From no precipitations at al to full blown thunderstorm blizzard, night time and day time, from the sun to the moon. 


Sun shapes
Sun shapes


A collection of 10 vectorial isolated sun icons in various shapes on white background. 

Moon phases
Moon phases


Moon phases, vector illustration icons of the natural satellite of the Earth as seen from space.








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